Ed Harrison
composer, producer,
audio engineer and sound designer,
software developer and multidisciplinary artist


contributed to the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided soundtrack, ultimately providing the entire score for Deus Ex: Breach, which was released as a stand-alone title. 

The entire 11 track Deus Ex: Breach OST has been released for free on soundcloud, where you can stream the music, and also find full-quality FLAC downloads of each track.

In 2009, Ed released the Neotokyo OST, the soundtrack to the cyberpunk FPS Neotokyo, developed by Studio Radi-8.

This was his first foray into electronic music, and his first musical release. It received a limited CD release and remains available on digital platforms.

Available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital services. Downloads are available via Bandcamp

Ed currently has multiple album releases in development which have emerged from the large body of unreleased work which has accumulated since the Neotokyo sessions.

This includes multiple works which evolve the Neotokyo sound and contain material from those sessions. News coming very soon.


Ed and collaborator Elle Kharitou created the score for the lovingly hand-drawn point & click adventure game, Tsioque.

The release of the game, along with the digital release of the full\extended OST, is just around the corner.

Website by Ed Harrison. Photography by Noe Alonzo